Eating the menu

Man is so embroiled in his abstractions that he represents the physical world in the same way as the menu represents dinner. He very easily confuses the symbols for what they represent and so has a tendency to eat the menu instead of dinner.

— Alan Watts

Control Your Trash

Recently I discovered a set of command line tools that allow you to interact with the trash can: trash-cli. Normally only GUI file managers like Nautilus will use the trash can, if you delete files on the command line using rm or rmdir the trash can is bypassed and files are deleted immediately.

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A while back I started an Ant task that can be used to create Debian deb packages: ant-deb-task.

With ant-deb-task you can create deb packages on any platform where Java is available, not only on a Debian system. Also, being an Ant task, it makes it easy to add this to your build scripts and package your application.

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Site Update

It has been a year since my last post.

Today I upgraded to Drupal 6 and changed the theme. More posts coming soon, hopefully in less than a year ;-)

Document Freedom Day

banner26 March: A global day for document liberation

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End Software Patents

An excellent initiative by FSF:

Red Dot Campaign

Finally. I was waiting for this for a long time.

There is a way to stop junk mail in Canada:

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Ogg Must Die

Apparently HTML5 was specifying that browsers should support Ogg Vorbis audio and Ogg Theora video. If that sounds too good to be true, then it is. This requirement was recently removed, and according to Manuel Amador we can thank Nokia and Apple for this.

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In a recent post Keith helped me diagnose a condition I have for quite a while: braincrack.

In Keith's words:
Braincrack consists of compulsive thoughts about cool creative potential projects, which build up in your head, lingering there unfulfilled, only to be replaced by new thoughts of cool creative projects.

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